A rich brass plate engraved with your special message can transform a gift into a keepsake.
Below are our most popular sizes engraved to your exact requirements. Brass plates are
engraved on one side only with any combination of words and/or clipart.

A -  1 3/4" X  3"    Use on Entryways, Mantles, Cedar Chests...Our Largest Brass Plate!            $6.00

B - 1" X  2 1/2"    Adorn Gun Cabinets, Dashboard, Awards...A Great All-Purpose Size!        $5.00

C - 7/8" X  2 1/2"    Enhance Picture Frames, Trophies, Boxes...Add a Little Spice!        $5.00

D - 1 1/4" X  3"    Luggage, Musical Instruments, Gymbag...Plenty of Room for Your Personal Message AND Clipart! Leather Strap included.        $7.00

Additional Brass Plate Choices To Consider:

1) Satin or Shiny finish- A, B or C plates available in your choice of Satin or Shiny finish. D is shiny only.

2) With/Without Holes- A or B plates available with 1/8" centered screw holes on each end if desired.

3) Blackened Lettering/ Natural Engraved- For no added charge I will blacken the lettering on your plate
or go with a "natural" engraved look- whichever you prefer.

4) Font- Choose one from three font styles for each plate:
Roman          Old English         Helvetic
These computer fonts are as close as I could find to my laser fonts, though they may vary slightly.
Only 1 font may be chosen for each plate please- no mixing.

Brass brings a dash of elegance that says you care. Share your special sentiment for years to come!

You can order them direct on our order form TODAY!