Here's a list of the accessories to make your tags more fun & useful!

Beaded Chain (Ball Chain) is the most popular neckchain we offer. 
We also have leather lace neckchains for a more "natural" look.

We include an extra-large jumpring with each neckchain so the tag will hang properly.
Indicate on the Fashion Tag
order form if you want Neckchains or Silencers.

2 foot Beaded Chain w/ Connector and Jumpring -     $1.50
4 inch Beaded Chain w/ Connector-     $ .50

2 foot x 1mm round Rawhide Necklace Strip and Jumpring-     $1.25

Available in Black, Brown or Natural Tan. 

Rubber Tag Silencers-     $ .50
Available in Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange.
These fit around the GI style tags so they don't jingle
 provide increased protection from scratching.